CoreLab is the world’s first & only pre-workout bar. Specializing in finding the most exclusive pre-workouts on the market and matching them to individuals in a single serving dose.


We’ve all been there - buying a $57 bottle of pre-workout because it had 5 star reviews and people raving about it saying it will “melt your face off”. Only to be let down when you try it and it doesn’t work at all on you. This is because everyone has different preferences, tolerance levels, and reacts differently to pre-workouts. So, we decided to put the ball in your hands and allow you to experience many different pre-workouts so that you can be your own judge, jury and executioner.


Every pre-workout that we carry is packaged in a single serving dose and broken-down into three major categories: stimulant, pump, and skin tingling. Each category is rated (1-10) based on the amount of active ingredients per serving. This gives an unbiased overview of each pre-workout and allows you to experiment with different pre-workouts based on personal preference or type of workout. For example, you are feeling tired and doing an arm workout, but hate pre-workouts that make your skin tingle. You would find a pre-workout with a +7 rating in the stimulant and pump categories, but a -5 rating in the tingle category. Pick from over 100 of the best and most exclusive pre-workouts on the market for only for $1.99/each.